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10 Garden ideas for kids – Best ways to get your kids active

10 Garden ideas for kids – “How do I get my kids to go outdoor?” Sophia once asked me.  “I see them stay all day in the house playing games or watching cartoons, they admire flowers and plants on TVs, but they don’t seem to have an interest in our outdoor garden.” Well, I replied, maybe your garden is too boring and unadventurous for them. Ouch, that hurts right, but it’s the truth.

Kids are kids and will only be drawn towards whatever is lively, colorful, and fun. Not only that, allowing your children to venture outdoor on regular occasions helps them to explore their creativity, take in the fresh air, and appreciate nature the more.

In this article, I will share some of the best garden ideas for kids to explore to get your kids outside more often and help them be interested in gardening.

There are school projects and community activities that require them to spend some time outdoors learning some new games or involving them in different garden activities like growing flowers or vegetables. There is an activity for all age groups to get involved so, why not begin with them at home today and teach them to love mother nature.

Top ten garden ideas for kids

garden ideas for kids

  • Set up a playground in the garden

Knowing that there’s a bouncing castle, swing, or slide in the garden can make your children want to go out more often, especially if you have to work in the garden. Instead of leaving them inside while you tend to your garden plants, try and fix a swing or slide in the garden for your kid, and they will be glad to follow you next time.

  • Create a mini pond

Kids are usually awed to see real animals and watch them grow or play. You can build a small pond in the garden with stones and fill with tadpoles, frogs, or small fishes. This will excite your kids and create an avenue to teach them a little about science and the animals that live in water. Be ready to answer any questions, though, and tend to sick tadpoles or frogs because their curiosity will make them want to know everything.

  • Build an aquarium

If there’s no much land’s space in your garden, you could buy or build an aquarium and stock with different types of fishes. Make it more fun by letting the kids name the fishes. They feel closer and have more sense of attraction towards the aquarium.

  • Build a treehouse

Kids love tree houses. There are lots of childhood memories they make up there, especially when they are two or more. So if you have a big tree in your compound, it can serve the purpose of holding a treehouse. Be sure to help them understand the safety measures to follow as they go up and down the treehouse.

  • Plant a garden

Let your kids learn to grow flowers or vegetables from seed. You can make it an interesting lesson by using kiddies props to teach them. Use colorful and animated vases or containers, each time they eat fruit, remind them always to keep seed and help them plant the seed whether it grows or not.

Sometimes what works better is to let them know every vegetable you buy home from the store and how they are planted. It arouses their curiosity, and soon they will start asking you to teach them how to plant.

One advantage of this is that they go out into the garden more often, and you can grow some plants for home use. They are never too young to find gardening interesting, and it is best to allow them to learn where their food comes from.

  • Pool activities

One other interesting outdoor activity you can introduce to your kids is swimming. If you don’t have a pool, you can always install a makeshift swimming pool in your garden and help your kids learn to swim.

Be sure to stay around and watch them as they play so you can attend to them fast in case of an emergency. A slide and a pool make it more fun for the kids to play around and splash in the water.

  • Create outdoor dining or shade

You can set up a mini dining or relaxation spot under a shade in the garden where you have tea and snacks and talk about the day. This allows you to share memorable moments with the kids outdoor without having to force them. Sometimes after every fun activity outside, they can converge around the table for a glass of iced juice or tea or some fruit slices.

  • Outdoor cooking

If you love to grill and have a large family, you could set up an outdoor grill where you make steaks, grilled fish, or barbecue for dinner. Don’t forget to ask your little ones to help you with one or two things. Knowing their help is needed to make them look forward to outdoor moments like this.

  • Organize random outdoor picnics

Create random moments where you pack some foods outside on spread blankets and bean bags and allow yourself and the kids bask under sunshine or cool weather. It could be on birthdays or holidays, a picnic in the home garden is always something to look forward to, especially when you spruce it up with gists, funny talks, and games like scrabble, chess, or monopoly. You can let them throw a ball around and have some fun while outside in the garden.

  • Build a creativity shed

For some, what works best is to have a creativity spot where the kids explore and try out their creative imaginations in paintings, drawings, carvings, and others. You can set up a drawing table or board, drawing materials, paints, and all and get them all ready to create something. Don’t forget to appreciate what they do. It works like magic and motivates them to do more.


Choosing the best garden ideas for kids totally depends on your creativity and how far you are willing to let your kids explore. But most importantly, creating a fun atmosphere for your kids sparks their interest, always go back outdoor, and enjoys nature. A little sunshine, a little run, and little playing with worms and grubs make a happy child.

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